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Thread: Fair Division- The Continuous Case

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    Fair Division- The Continuous Case

    O.k., here are some more homework problems that I have to solve by the end of the weekend-It's Discreet Math, by the way. I would really like if someone could provide me with a process for solving these.
    (This Fair Division stuff is so weird! There are hardly even any numbers in this!)

    Problem: "A plot of land is to be divided fairly among five heirs using the inspection method (the last person to diminish the land receives it.) The five heirs are ordered Aaron, Beau, Clarke, Daren Evan; Aaron Begins Round One by making his claim." (Sic)

    a. Suppose that in Round One, Aaron's claim is more than a fair share in the eyes of Clarke, but less than a fair share in the eyes of Beau, Daren, and Evan. Who receives his fair share at the end of round one?

    b. Which heir is the first to make a land claim at the beginning of Round Two?

    c. Suppose that in Round Two only Beau and Daren challenge and diminish the peice. who recieves his fair share at the end of Round Two?

    d. If there are no challenges in Round Three, who recieves his fair share?
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