this was given to me by my Calculus 2 teacher...
Shou, a yong person (not as old as me) went wandering into the Qinba Mountains of Shaanix Province in Southern China. Shou was tired of the world that she lived in and needed a day in the woods. Shou wanted to be away from it all, in the splendid hills and grasses. Shou wished to be enveloped int eh fragrance of the lovely flowers of the Qinba Mountains.
The warm summer breeze and radiant flowers overwhelmed Shou and she happily walked fair into the wilderness. Feeling airy-light and alive. Also, forgetting about the tigers that live there.
As the sun started to tell Shou that it would be dusk in a few hours, there was a rustling in the woods behind her. It was a large male tiger. Our traveler had been spotted. Shou knew that the only possibility of survival was to run through the hills and cliffs to look for a cave to hide in. Perhaps Shou could possibly find a passage that the tiger could not pass through.
Shou, running madly toward a cliff with the tiger right behind...stumbled and fell over the cliff. Her heart pounded as she felt the free fall begin, but then!!! Warm burning sweet smell, stop midair? Ten feet below the edge of the nearly vertical cliff there was a hearty rose bush exposed fully and in bloom.
Laugh and joy as our traveler realizes that she is caught up in that rose bush. Joy and relief as Shou realized that she is too far down the face of the cliff for the tiger to reach her. Joy and grace as the Shou notices that the thirty foot fall to the bottom probably would not even hurt her too much. For a brief moment Shou thought she was safe.
Then...Shou's heart stops. The tiger's mate is at the bottom of the cliff waiting for her to try to get down. At least Shou cold stay in the rose bush and hope the tigers would get tired of waiting ans leave.
It had been raining for the last few days and the earth was moist. The rose bush starts to tear out of the side of the cliff under the Shou's weight.
There is only one person, Shou. She doesn't have a gun or superpowers. It is before helicopters are invented etc!
My teacher said there is only one right answer but he will accept some others.