I'm currently working on modifying the DVB-S.2 model in MATLAB to add an RRC filter and then satellite transmission effects (such as found in the satellite transmission model included in MATLAB).

I'm trying to add an RRC filter to the signal before transmission, which is currently just modeled by AWGN. I'm having trouble with bit error rate, packet error rate and parity checks. Before adding the RRC filter I have no problems, but once added I can't seem to get the errors to go away. I assume I'm missing some settings as far as delays for reading the errors, but I'm not sure where to begin.

So far I've tried using an align signals block, and including some calculation time, but I'm not getting some of the settings right because the error is not going away.

I'm just sort of beginning my foray into modeling, and have done a few tutorial books, just to give an idea of my knowledge.

Thanks for any help.