im not sure what commands to type in for these 2 questions -

1) Use the 'sum' command to enter into maple the polynomial

p(z)= 6-5z+4z^2-3z^3+2z^4-z^5

i) evaluate to 5 significant figures, all five roots of p
ii)Use just one command line to evaluate, in radians to 5 significant figures, the arguments of the five roots of p
iii)covert the values of the arguments to degrees(your answer must be expressed in degrees and not shown as degree/Pi)

2)Using only Maple, find all real values of a and b such that the function

(piecewise function)
f(x) = x^2 for x less than and equal to 1
= e^(ax+b) for x is greater than 1

is (i)continuous at x=1 (ii)differentiable at x=1

it would be really helpful if someone could please help me out on these 2 ques! eek..i have a test coming up, using maple!!