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    Apr 2009


    CAn someone tell me if I have done this question correctly and what else I need to do

    3. A famous formula that can be used to roughly estimate the Blood Alcohol Concentration
    (BAC) percentage is the Widmark formula given as


    • Ounces’ is the liquid ounces of alcohol consumed.
    • ADR’ is the alcohol distribution ratio. This is equal to 0.73 for males and 0.66 for females.
    • Weight’ is the weight (kg) of individual whose BAC is to be estimated.
    • Hours’ is the time in hours since the first drink.

    (a) Suppose we wish to estimate the BAC% of a male who weighs 80kg and who has
    consumed 2.7 liquid ounces of alcohol over the past 2.5 hours. Write an R script
    file (make sure you submit your commands when handing in your assignment) that

    i. Assigns appropriate values to the R objects Ounces, Weight, ADR and Hours
    that will be used to estimate the BAC% for this individual.

    ii. Uses these R objects and the Widmark formula to estimate the BAC%.
    What is the estimated BAC% for this person?

    > ((2.7*5.3*0.73)/(2.2/80))-0.015*2.5
    [1] 379.8280

    (b) Now suppose that this person has consumed the same amount of alcohol over 3
    hours. By changing just the value you assigned to Hours in your script, what is
    the estimated BAC% now?

    > ((2.7*5.3*0.73)/(2.2/80))-0.015*3
    [1] 379.8205
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