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Thread: Hello - few questions - matlab

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    May 2009

    Hello - few questions - matlab - Solved

    hi i new here and new in matlab, our calss got assigemnt with integrals
    but without using the 'int' function. so this leave us only with the numeric ways, but we also didn't learn it. i can guess that the integral calculation of function using $\displaystyle sum=f(x)*deltaX$ will do just fine.

    here is the functions:


    so we supose to output
    1. the value of the numeric integral(done)
    2. the indefinite integral(don't know how to do it without using the 'int' function)
    3.plot on the same graph the original function (done) and the integral function

    -can i get the integral function without declaring symbolic varaibles and using 'int' function?

    -how can i calculate the integral of the step functions?

    -why the cosine integral calc isn't good ?

    incl(my m-files)

    WoW , wrote a lot ... sorry
    thx in advance...
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