Hi all
I am trying to convert Latex code to Mathematica by using the example: ToExpression["\\sqrt{x y}", TeXForm]. I came across a problem of "non-math mode":
The code I put into Mathematica is as below:
ToExpression["\\lbrace 1- \\Phi [({{\\Sigma}_{22} - \
{{\\Sigma}_{12}})*(-{X}_{4}* {\\beta}_{4} - {\\Sigma}_{21}*\\(\\left(
{\\varepsilon}_{1} \\\\
\\right)\\))]\\rbrace*\\phi({\\varepsilon}_{1} , \
{\\varepsilon}_{2})*(1-\\alpha_{1}\\alpha_{31})", TeXForm]

The error info is:
Import::texerr: Error: Math primitive \delimiter in non-math mode.

How can I solve this problem?
Thanks a lot !