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Thread: Quota over time

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    May 2008

    Quota over time


    I am trying to programatically calculate a quota over a given period of time.


    User A needs to refer 3 friends to a my site every 3 months, starting the day they register.

    I already have:
    - the day they registered (4 months ago)
    - how many referrals they already have (4)
    - months elapsed (4)

    I am trying to calculate the required number of referrals on command. In pseudo code:

    If ( numberOfReferralsUserHas isLessThan ( numberOfMonthsRegistered / 3 ) * ){
    run some code ;
    run some more code;

    I "know" the answer, but I keep drawing blank as far as the best implementation that would catch errors, like the user over exceeding the quota. I would just like to see it work first maybe that would help 'clear the fog'.

    many thanks

    **floor(round down a float)

    referrals_needed = 3;
    If ( numberOfReferralsUserHas isLessThan ( floor( numberOfMonthsRegistered / referrals_needed ) * referrals_needed) ){
    run some code ;
    run some more code;
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