Ok. Im trying to do a project and was wondering why once I have wrote these commands this command produces a huge list of coordinates. I want it just to print OUT 1 number I'll show my problem and write what it is supposed to look like. It might be something I am doing or something I need to change about preferences. Please help.
Here is a screen shot(click it to zoom in):
- at the bottom of it Line 156 and 157 are what produces the list of coordinates and it keeps going. All I wanted it to print out with 156 and 157 command was something like: 0.01234, just 1 number,
because that would be my x coordinate and I would do all those commands to find y coordinate also to get 1 number, then plot that x,y coordinate in a picture to find the centroid. Anyone know why it prints that list instead of 1 number?