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Thread: Mental math program

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    Mental math program

    Okay, I'm decent at math concepts, I usually excel in my courses, but wow am I bad at arithmetic. Adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, I need a calculator for these things.

    A while back I was looking around the internet, and found an awesome site that went through all the steps to learn math, and I used what they said on the addition part, and found it worked marvelously (was based on using the number ten).

    At the site, they had some program to give you problems like the ones they were testing you on, and it would help you learn to do arithmetic the way quick efficient way they suggested.

    ...but I didn't want to spend the money at the time (I'm poor), and apparently didn't save the URL

    So now my birthday is coming up, and I want to ask for the software as a gift, but I can't find the site anymore. I was hoping someone here might know what it was or know the site, or a suitable substitute. I think it was only like $10 or $20 (USD), and if I recall, it had a picture of a ninja on the front.

    Anyone here know where to get this? I'm embarrassingly bad at addition, and want to remedy that so I only need a calculator for more involved arithmetic.

    edit: The site was fantastic, it had like an explanation of how to do certain types of problems, then a few examples, then a bunch of questions that would show you the answers when you moused over them. They got progressively more complex, like first showed you how to add single digit numbers, then double digit, then triple digit numbers. That's as far as I got, though, but I was really impressed with the site.
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    Mar 2008
    Mental Math Master - The complete guide to mental arithmetic

    This may be the software you are looking for. One of the cds is called mental math samurai and looks like it has someone doing karate on the cover .

    I am not familiar with this software, I merely pride myself on my ability to use google quickly and effectively.

    One search attempt and one redirect from another site led me to the above address. If it is correct, SCORE! If not it might still be useful to help you master your mental math... or mentally master math... or mathematically master your mentality .
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