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Thread: Integrating TEX into a forum

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    Integrating TEX into a forum

    Does anybody know a link to a tutorial or something similar that deals with TEX integration.

    We've just started a students forum at our collage, since we are a technical collage editing in TEX would be quite handy since we have lots of math and stuff... So if anybody knows how to o that, any help would be welcome.

    The forum is running, but it doesn't have "math" tags
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    That depends what access you have to your server:

    If you have root access and can install (or have installed) LaTeX, GhostScript, ImageMagick then use LatexRender as this site does.

    If you don't have such access then use mimeTeX. You could use the better quality images of mathTeX but unless you have LaTeX and dvipng on your server and can install CGI programs, you will get randomly occurring adverts.
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