It's like you on the rubber hits the road the bodies and that organism and it's going to you comedy ones as they donít use a scissor just like our if you're trying to lose weight for contest ad Vinci start fight you same thing with gaining weight you know in a way it's like we all wish we had that syndrome that person that I says you know they can't anymore a but itís are you say it's okay one push the envelope a little bit more in and see what happens so I'm glad that you mention that I'm coming back again to you this new venture years it's actually funny I was listening prior to this like any good interviewer would on three previous interview you do with Aaron Singer man on real bodybuilding then you're mentioning a how you got started in the real estate industry in a client if yours is divulging some really good strategic information on I'm kind of a sleeper market down there in Texas new jumped on it and invested so smart to you that like say on this podcast now that you're not to divulge in all the things that you have coming up is like you said you know someone could take your idea where are these history some these ideas or things that perhaps you've maybe even on have they been in place before me since before Mueller they may be evolved over time weíve learned some After burner extreme things from your action units kind of spark new ideas urn know I've had my ideas for a long time on you know the thing is there are certain things I do certain things I believe in and I think the biggest problem with you know people with a lot of people in life in general is that arm a lot people are followers analog people you know ass other people how to do things outdate you know the they copy what other people are doing I'll yeah I'm basically a real big believer in people thinking a logical about things and when you think logical about things you can come up with your own scenario love what you believe will be best for what you know would be best and people don't like to think they like to ask you know they don't like a fake and they donít have enough confidence and their decisions that they make on their own when they get advice from someone else it gives them more confidence to believe that that's going to work and the true the matter is you really have to believe what you Ďredoing is working you know is ver.
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