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Thread: 3D geometry drawing tool, CAD like (looking for-)

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    Jan 2013

    Post 3D geometry drawing tool, CAD like (looking for-)

    I would like to draw geometric shapes and curves in 3D in order to get a better spatial intuition for the math describing such a system.

    If you know about Sketchup, that's how easy to use I'd like it to be. But with the ability to draw smooth and exactly specified curves, to specify and measure shapes mathematically and with other analytical tools. Also, the ability to specify how objects move over time would be very interesting.

    Maybe there is an application like that in Matlab or Mathematica? Or some serious CAD software? A 3D graphics development tool? It be odd if it isn't out there already.
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    Sep 2006
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    Re: 3D geometry drawing tool, CAD like (looking for-)

    I am sure commercial software products offer that capability: MATLAB, Mathematica, Maple, Mathcad, etc.
    Do you have access to any of these packages?

    Among free products, there are many. A few that come to mind quickly are the following:

    Octave (
    Scilab (
    RLaB (
    Maxima (
    Online 3d Function Grapher (
    gnuplot (

    Hopefully, one of these offer the features you are seeking.
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