Hey all,

I have a conundrum. I have a back injury and am in several math-heavy classes at once. Carrying all of the spiral notebooks and textbooks around is starting to hurt me. It's costing me a significant amount per month.

I'm also dysgraphic, making my handwriting difficult to read and my in-class notes unususable (I usually have a notetaker as an accommodation). My back injury is worsened by spending long periods of time writing, but that's somewhat unavoidable.

Replacing all of my textbooks with a tablet and reducing my backstrain could pay for itself in as little as 4-6 months - and being in less pain is worth money as well, but I can't put a dollar figure to that.

So here are my questions:
-What applications, if any on Windows can process handwriting input from a digitizer (I.E. a Wacom tablet) and output text - handwriting recognition for calculus/differential equations/etc?
-What applications on Windows RT can do this?
-What applications on Android?

-What applications make suitable replacements for spiral notebooks to take notes on in class and do homework on?

-Which tablets can run these applications?