I am a new Mathematica user and havestumbled into a bit of a bind. Myattempt to learn Mathematica and regain long lost calculus skills has beenfrustrated by an unexpected stream of other work responsibilities. I知 rolling up on a deadline that I will notbe able to meet and would like to transfer what I致e done already to aMathematica/ calculus consultant for completion.

The dynamics of a fairly simple mechanicalsystem must be studied. Mathematica software has already been used (basicallyas a word processor) to describe the system and set up the equations. The problem, as currently described byexisting calculations, must be cast in a form solvable by Mathematica. The scope of work includes:
1. Set up equations in correct form/syntaxfor Mathematica.
2. Use Mathematica to solve the calculusproblems.
3. Use Mathematica to create a position vs.time plot. (This plot is the desiredoutput of the analysis.)
4. Yell at me if you catch a mistake in mymath or physics.

The project will require strong calculusand Mathematica skills. Differential equationsand integrals must be found.

Unfortunately, time is now extremelyshort. I知 hoping that the bulk of thework can be completed this week.

Regarding terms, I知 flexible. We can arrange a lump-sum contract or anhourly arrangement (with an hours estimate). I知 assuming pay by PayPal, but open to other methods that work betterfor the consultant. I知 comfortable withup-front payment for a portion of the project (say something between 30 and50%).

If you are interested, please send me aprivate message. I will forward projectdetails for you to review in advance of your quote.

Thank you!