Hi everyone,

I'm new to mathhelpforum and I hope it will be useful to me as well as me being helpful to someone else.

I'm actually looking for some (or a great deal of) help. I'm working on a project where I need to produce a 3D plot for matrix using Matlab. The plot must comprise of both alpha and beta in 3D. Alpha, A is a 320 x 333 x 4 matrix, where each individual layer (i.e. A(320,333,i) for i = 1:4) represents one image's angles. The beta matrix is similar.

I've searched around, but I can't find a way of doing such plots in Matlab anywhere. I can quite easily do a coloured plot in 2D but the 3D plot is the one needed for visualisation purposes. I wanted to do a stacked coloured scatter plot in 3D to form the image volume somehow. It would need to be a coloured scatter plot with a colour bar scale on the side so we can know what each colour represents angle-wise. Please, oh please if any of you could help me I would be forever grateful.

Katie x