Hello all,

I'm new to this forum, as wel as a 'noob' at matlab. I have some experience with VBA, but i noticed that it is a bit different than matlab.
Also, i'm from the Netherlands, so excuse my English, if it is not correct at all times.

I will try to explain what i'm trying to reach with my matlab code.

This is what i have:

[num, tekst, raw] = xlsread('Excelname.xlsx','Worksheetname','B9:C38')

strcmp(deblank(tekst(1,1)),'Name x')
name x = num(1,1);
disp('name x is not specified correctly')

Ofcourse, i have a lot more of these lines.

But now what i'm trying to accomplish:

It is possible that in the excel file, lines are going to be included between the excisting lines.
At the moment in Excel, Cell B9 is name x. but it is possible that in the future, adjustments on the excel file are going to be made. So that (for example) Cell B9 will be something else, and cell B10 will be name x.

So what i want is some kind of generic numbering, something like (i think) i = i + 1 or something like that.
So that it doesn't matter if a line is included between the other in the Excel file.

I know this should be a very basic code, but i can't find it on the internet (or don't know what to look for).

I hope that it is clear to you what my problem is, and i hope that you can help me out.

Thanks in advance for your help and time!