First of all, my apologies to post these questions in this forum. MATLAB support ought to be able to answer all of these questions, but so far their customer support has proven to be very poor in my experience. At least, this is the case since I haven't paid for any product yet.

Let me give a little background, then proceed to my questions. I'm studying Applied and Computational Math as an undergrad. After that I plan to enter a Financial Engineering graduate program. My undergrad coursework will include multivariate calc, linear algebra, differential equation, stat/probability, numerical methods, combinatorics, vector analysis, numerical methods, analysis. I can't be certain about graduate coursework yet, but it will certainly contain a lot of classes about derivatives, fixed income, structured products, etc. I'm pretty sure MATLAB is not required for most of the undergrad work, but it will be utilized heavily in any MFE graduate program, so I want to become familiar with the language during my undergrad career.

1. Can I install MATLAB on my desktop and laptop if I purchase only 1 license? (I've had a very hard time getting a reply from MATLAB about this)
2. Is the primary MATLAB software enough to perform calculations for my undergrad classes?
3. I noticed there are a ton of "Toolboxes". The Computational Finance toolboxes look interesting and may be useful. Are there any particular add-on toolboxes you'd recommend for my undergrad/graduate studies?
4. How do software upgrades work? It is easy, cheap, practical to upgrade MATLAB and Toolboxes?
5. Considering that eventually I may be doing a lot of programming, and since Linux seems popular for programmers, can I run MATLAB on a Linux virtual machine? Would you recommend it?

Thank you,