Hi, I have to use Matlab for numerical analysis and don't have a clue how to use it or what to do.
Was wondering if I could get some help with this:

Consider a population of a very large number M of individuals. The
distribution n(s) representing their height (in meters) is given by a Gauss
function characterised by the mean value h (hbar) of the height and the standard
deviation (sigma)

n(s) = (M/sigma*(sqrt(2pi))*exp(-(s-hbar).^2/2/sigma^2)

This means that

N[h,h+h] =Integral of n(s) ds with limits of (h,h+h)

is the number of individuals whose height is between h and h > 0.

(a) Write a Matlab M-function with 6 input

two heights H1 and H2,

the standard deviation, the mean and the total number of individuals,

an even number (the number of sub-intervals),

and 2 outputs, the total number of individuals between the heights H1
and H2 computed by both CTR and CSR.

Thanks, emcg22