I created an application for a company that sells heating material that goes under the floor. The application allows you to draw a room, place different type of furniture and then place piece of material in the empty space. Once you fill the empty space with material you get an overall surface count and price. You can also let the application do that part for you by clicking calculate. That's the part I need help with.

I use a combination of math and programming tricks to get that part working and I get a 90% accurate result. After computation is done, user might have to move a few pieces around and sometimes add one or two to fill empty spaces that were left out. Customer if fine with it but I'm not. I would like to get a 100% accurate result. I'd like the user to never have to move anything or add pieces.

I'm ready to pay $200/$300 for somebody to help me getting it perfect. I have references and I'd like anybody interested to have references as well. Probably best would be to PM me. I was looking for a "project and position" section in the forums but couldn't find one so I hope I posted in the right forum.

Thx for reading.