Hi All,
I am lost.
At our company
sale price is calculated as
BreakEven / (1-Commission% - Profit% - Financing%)

For example.

if break-even is $36,400, and We're looking to make a 12% Profit, 7% Financing Cost(of the sale price), and pay out a 10% commission. So our sale price would be 8400/.71= $51,167.61 as our sale price
@51,167.61 sale price, I am still keeping break-even the same while making my 12% profit, my 7% financing charge to the financing company and my 10 % commission.

The only problem is:
The maximum amount a job can be financed at is $25,000. So I only want to charge that financing charge of 7% to the first 25000.
I also need to make the formula so the user can change any of the three percentages ( Profit, Financing & Commission). So I need to make a forumla that doesn't have a static constant that only works for a certain set of those percentages.