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Thread: What math soft can compile project into .exe file?

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    Mar 2010

    Wink What math soft can compile project into .exe file?

    Matlab, Mathematica, Maple,MathCad ?
    Via Maple i can create Maplets but can i compile it in .exe file and run on other computer without Maple? I heard Matlab can do something like this...
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    Mar 2007
    I have seen it done in MATLAB before. You need the compiler though which cost more then 3 times the price of a commercial license of matlab last time I checked. I dont think it is quite a simple as getting a pretty little exe out that will run on the host system. The host also need the matlab run time library installed which is a couple hundred meg in size.

    Unless you really need to use matlab, I would suggest something like:

    Python + Numpy + py2exe

    That will allow you to develop and distribute your program as you like without spending a fortune on the matlab compiler. Of course it isn't as powerful as matlab in terms of graphical plotting however the Numpy module has a matlab like syntax and uses the same underlying BLAS / LAPACK library so it can perform many functions just as fast. If data processing is all you need then I would seriously consider this.

    In short, if you want to distribute your program as a stand alone application then in my opinion your better off writing it in a compiled language or writing it in a language like python that can bundle the source into a exe.

    Just my 2 cents.

    Regards Elbarto
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