Hello all,
I am a noob in math so please bear with me.
Currently, I get hold of a book called
"Numerical Analysis" by Richard L. Burden and J. Douglas Faires
There is a compact disc that comes with the book.
Inside the CD, there are a couple of directories,
one to use C and the others like matlab and maple to solve mathematical problems
The problem now is that
I want to generate a geometrical function to encompass all the computations
on pathfinding that involve path smoothing. The map is about 300x300
points wide, with quite dense of obstacles.
If I throw 90000 points with accompanying booleans at matlab or the c program, will it or will it not generate a function that fits in and solve
all smooth turning problems (x,y) that I want to calculate.
I was originally looking for a catmull-rom curve generation function with
less than 3 control points, but I thought that was impossible.
The original algorithm also worths a mention, I am using
incremental pathfinding method which I call it "do-and-forget"
the points are calculated at real time on the fly.
I also use brushfire algorithm (HAA*) and an annotated map for
clearance on the map... Any chance matlab will do that for me
without extra labour?