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Thread: My Matlab Queries Page

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    My Matlab Queries Page

    Just wanted to create a thread where I could chuck all my questions in regards to Matlab.

    I'll start the ball rolling by asking:

    ';' is like ';' in C++? i.e. it simply ends the command line (without printing out the elements of the array/matrix/variable etc after pressing enter being the second feature of the symbol)? I've just got an M file (.m) that has a line that goes something like (it's preceded by the two to make a latter question make sense)...


    load digit0; digitdata = [digitdata; D]; targets = [targets; repmat([1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0], size(D,1), 1)];[/PHP]

    So the way I see it, there are 3 lines of code simply put in one line to save space?

    I also would just like to clarify that I fully understand what is being done here. Firstly, we are loading the .mat files called 'digit0' into the workspace of Matlab. Then we are creating a matrix called 'digitdata' with 'digitdata' rows and D columns? The last part I don't understand.



    Does this line (and the second one also in the example above), simply create an array with a potentially infinite number of elements? i.e. it's like the initialization function?

    EDIT: Forgot to mention that the 'digit0' files contains an array of XXXX * 784.
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    Hi guys, got another question. This one is a bit too technical for me to be able to understand by reading the Matlab documentation.

    When I load a .mat file... once again for examples sake lets say its the XXXX * 784 array that I mentioned in my previous post if you bothered reading it. Anyway, when I load the .mat file and it pops up with the array in the workspace area, do the values in that array populate the RAM? i.e. when I start various operations, is Matlab interacting with the HDD or RAM?
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