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Thread: Matlab - Need help on strings

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    Matlab - Need help on strings

    clc %clear command
    clear %clear workspace

    Roster = []

    %Infinite while-end loop (1 == True)
    while (1)
    %Create a menu of options. (Steps 1-2) (Given in the homework)
    fprintf('\n1 - Enter Names In Roster \n');
    fprintf('2 - Quit \n');

    %Input a choice number (1-4 for menu)
    choice = input('\n Please enter your choice:');

    switch choice%Switches to choice case
    %The user selects an option and the system displays the corresponding result/function (Given to us in the lab)
    case 1
    Roster = input('Please enter a [first_name, blank, last_name] using the char function:');

    %For case 2, it breaks and displays "Quitting"
    case 2
    fprintf('Quitting! \n'); %Print message "Quitting!"

    %If the user enters a value outside the [1 2] range, the system displays the error message "Invalid Entry"
    %Could also use disp('Invalid Entry')
    %If input any number that isn't (1 to 2) Then display (Invalid
    %Option) and go back to the main menu
    disp('invalid option')

    + I need help if I am doing this right, I think I have the menu down, and you have to enter the names as a string. e.g: char('bob dylan',walt disney')
    But now i have a problem, how do I re arrange the names that so it will display lastname firstname. Originally the user types in firstname lastname. (use slicing and concatenation is a hint)

    next I need to know how to make the uppercase of the initials....

    After that I should be set in trying to do the homework. It's due on March 29, but I need to understand it since i have an exam on thursday April 1
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    If you can provide by PM any evidence that this is not a part of your assessment and if I am convinced I will reopen the thread.

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