i'm trying to solve an equation but maple doesn't seem to be able to do it properly.

The problem is that i'm trying to solve something like;

$\displaystyle F:=a*x_0^2+b*x_1^8+c*x_2^3$
$\displaystyle G:=a*(x_0-I*x_1-x_2)^2+b*(x_1-I*x_2)^8+c*x_2^3$

and i type

$\displaystyle solve(F-G,[a,b,c]);$

but it doesn't solve it properly, instead of equating the coefficients, it gives me a=(some expresion involving the x's) and b=b, c=c.

and when i type


it doens't group like terms, for example it gives me $\displaystyle a*x_0^2*x_3^2+some\; expression\; + 14*x_0^2*x_3^2$

why doesn't it group it so that
$\displaystyle (a+14)*x_0^2*x_3^2$

thanks for any help on this