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Thread: Conway's Game of Life: Maple

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    Jul 2009

    Conway's Game of Life: Maple

    I'm trying to model Conway's Game of Life and here's my code:

    > f := proc (a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h)
    local alivecount;
    alivecount := b+c+d+e+f+g+h;
    if a = 1 and alivecount < 2 then a := 0
    elif a = 1 and 3 < alivecount then a := 1
    elif a = 0 and alivecount = 3 then a := 1
    end if;
    end proc;
    > run2dca := proc (n::integer, f:: procedure, S0:: (list(list(numeric))), m::integer) local S, x, y, q, i, j;
    S := [S0];
    x := Array(0 .. n-1, 0 .. n-1, S0);
    y := Array(0 .. n-1, 0 .. n-1);
    for q to m do
    for i from 0 to n-1 do
    for j from 0 to n-1 do
    y[i][j] = f(x[i][j], x[i+1 mod n)][j], x[i-1 mod n)][j], x[i][j+1 mod n)], x[i][j-1 mod n], x[i+1 mod n)][j+1 mod n)], x[i+1 mod n)][j-1 mod n)], x[i-1 mod n)][j+1 mod n)], x[i-1 mod n)][j-1 mod n)])
    end do;
    end do;
    S := [op(S), convert(y, list)];
    x, y := y, x
    end do;
    end proc;

    n:= number of rows/columns of the nxn list
    f:= update function
    S0 := 2 dimensional nxn list
    m := number of iterations

    Yet when I try and run my code:
    > BLOCK := [[1,1],[1,1]];
    > run2dca(2,f, BLOCK, 5);

    Error, (in run2dca) bad index into Array
    I get the above error, and I have no idea what it means. Any help would be appreciated

    EDIT: I've narrowed down the error to this line of code, x := Array(0 .. n-1, 0 .. n-1, S0); I have no idea what is wrong thogh
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    May 2010
    I'm also trying to model the Game of Life.
    I've some problems to create a usefull pattern.
    Some ideas:
    -Use of matrixes
    -to create squares and put them in lines and rows

    Has someone some other ideas?
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