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Thread: Please help with word problem

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    Aug 2013

    Please help with word problem

    I'm just terrible at work problems. I never know when I look at a problem and get frustrated with myself really easily.

    Here are the two problems I'm currently struggling with. I'll provide the information I have

    Mr Snipps made four large wire transfers in his hame to an account in the Grand Cayman Islands. The total amount transferred was $1.3 million.

    1) If Snipps' second wire transfer to the Grand Cayman Islands was 1/5 of the total amount transfered, and that second wire transfer was four times the amount of the first, what was the total amount of the first wire transfer?

    2) If Snipps' third wire transfer was $200,000.00 more than the second one, how much did the final wire transfer total?

    I think I've discovered based on the limited information I have that the second amount was $260,000. I have no clue where to go from here!

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    Re: Please help with word problem

    Call the transfers $\displaystyle T_{1},T_{2},T_{3},T_{4},$ and put the information you have in the form of equations.


    $\displaystyle T_{1}+T_{2}+T_{3}+T_{4}=1,300,000$

    and then from (1),

    $\displaystyle T_{2}=1300000/5,$ and $\displaystyle T_{2}=4T_{1}$ etc.

    When you have done that, solve the resulting equations.
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