Hi, firstly I apologise as I may have posted in the wrong section but couldnt find a more suitable section to post under.

I am trying to find a calculation to calculate fixtures for a darts league with 27 teams. The reason this differs from a normal sport calculation is that every board has 2 teams that use it as their home board. Therefore when one team is at home the other team must be away. In this case I would do the fixtures for 28 teams and instead of team 28 consider this as a game off for the opponents that week. It would be safe to consider that there are 14 boards with two teams per board (assigning the team 28 created for ease to the board that only has one team).

My apologies if this seems a little long winded but I have tried looking for fixture calculations, calculators, and many combinations of the words above on the internet but google does not seem to be able to tell me the answer.

Thanks for your time,