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Thread: Australian Rules Footy (AFL) Puzzle

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    Jul 2010

    Australian Rules Footy (AFL) Puzzle

    Hi friends here,not sure if anybody knows Australian Rules Footy (AFL), which is an important part in Australian culture.
    Anyway,here is the puzzle,if you are confused with anything because not familiar with rules,please ask.

    In the AFL home and away series, any team winning 17.5 matches will qualify for the finals. No team winning 4.5 or fewer matches can qualify for the finals. These results are best possible.
    Devise two separate end-of-round-22 ladders with
    1. 9th position winning 17 games.
    2. 8th position winning 5 games.

    One main thing is that there are 22 rounds,and 8 matches per round.There are 16 teams in total.Which means every team will have chance to play once in every round.
    So that 17.5 means win 17 matches and draw one match,in the game,if the team win one match,it will gain 4 points,if it loss one match,it gains nothing,if draw,both team gets 2 points.
    Anyway,the points actually does not really matter.But can anyone help me with this puzzle please? So can anybody make up two ladders which has 9th position winning 17 games and 8th position winning 5 games?
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    Dec 2007
    Ottawa, Canada
    I have no idea really what you're asking, but did think of this:
    assume each team played the other 15 teams twice, so that's 30 games per team:
    position 8: W5, T25, L0 = 70
    position 9: W17, T0, L13 = 68
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