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Thread: Number of winning lines

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    Jun 2010

    Number of winning lines


    I'm looking for a simple way to work out how many winning lines I have, in a 'UK Pools' type competition.
    Here are the parameters;

    12 matches
    select 1 of 3 outcomes - home win, draw, away win
    for 1 selection on each match I pay 1 unit.
    Each additional selection (i.e. for match 1, pick home AND draw) doubles the stake.
    Winnings are paid on 12/12, 11/12 and 10/12 right.

    This is what my current ticket looks like:

    7 lines with 1x selected
    3 lines with 2x selected
    2 lines with 3x selected

    This cost me 72 units.

    I have every match right, so will win 1x the first prize.
    I think I'll win 7x the 2nd prize..?
    Cannot be sure of how many 3rd prizes.. which is 10 of 12 matches right!

    There must be a formula i could use in these or similar circumstances, for example, if I had 1 match wrong with a 1x selection.

    An interesting aside: One match was voided, which means all results are correct, I knew the match was not going to happen, but if I'd made a 2x selection for that match, I would have won 2x the first prize.


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    Jun 2010

    Still seeking...

    I think I have the answer, but not sure it's right. Hopefully someone will check and confirm please!

    1 x 12/12
    7 x 11/12
    19 x 10/12

    I am also hoping for a formula!

    Thanks again

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