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Thread: Need help with puzzle please

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    Apr 2006

    Need help with puzzle please

    At a recent athletics meeting, five old acquaintances: Fred, Greta, Hans,
    Iolo and Jan met together for the first time since leaving school, so they
    had a lot of news to catch up on.

    It seemed they all lived in different towns: Acton, Buswick, Coalford,
    Derby and Eccles; and that they all had different jobs which were, in no
    particular order: an engineer, a lawyer, a teacher, a doctor and a

    To round it off, each one was the winner in just one event at the meeting.
    These were: 100 metres, 400 metres, 1500 metres, High Jump and

    The following facts were also known:

    1. Hans the shopkeeper from Derby won the High Jump.
    2. The lawyer was from Eccles and said he was not a runner.
    3. Greta was P.E. teacher from Buswick and won the 1500 metres
    4. The doctor, who came from Acton, did not win the 100 metres.
    5. The person from Derby was not an engineer.
    6. Iolo was an engineer from Coalford and did not win the 400 metres.
    7. Jan was not a lawyer, but did win the the 400 metres.
    8. Fred did not come from Acton and was not a runner.

    (a) Which event did the person from Coalford win?
    (b) Which town did Jan come from?
    (c) What was the name of the lawyer?
    (d) Which event did the engineer win?
    (e) Which event did Fred win?
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    Fact 1 is self-explanatory.

    Fact 2 says that the Eccles lawyer was not a runner, which implies that he/she won either the high jump or javelin. But since Hans already won the high jump, the lawyer must have won the javelin.

    Fact 3 is self-explanatory.

    Fact 4 says that the Acton doctor didn't win the 100m. We have so far

    Greta- 1500m
    Hans- High Jump
    Lawyer- Javelin.

    Therefore, the doctor must have won the only event that's left: the 400m.

    Fact 5 isn't really needed, thanks to fact 1.

    Fact 6 says that Iolo, a Coalford engineer didn't win the 400m. From facts 1-4, this implies that he won the 100m.

    Fact 7 says that Jan wasn't a lawyer. So far we have

    Greta- Teacher
    Hans- Shopkeeper
    Iolo- Engineer.

    This means that Jan must be the doctor.

    Fact 8 says that Fred didn't come from Acton. So far we have

    Hans- Derby
    Greta- Buswick
    Jan- Acton
    Iolo- Coalford.

    Therefore, Fred is from Eccles.

    So we have

    Fred - Eccles - Lawyer - Javelin
    Greta - Buswick - Teacher - 1500m
    Hans - Derby - Shopkeeper - High jump
    Iolo - Coalford - Engineer - 100m
    Jan - Acton - Doctor - 400m

    (b) Acton
    (c) Fred
    (d) 100m
    (e) Javelin
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