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Thread: Robots Don't Like Paradoxes

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    Sep 2007

    Robots Don't Like Paradoxes

    A thinking machine called 'truth-a-tron', designed to only make true statements, answer questions correctly and destroy anything that makes an incorrect statement, had succeeded in performing these functions before it made the following statement and blew itself up: "I always make statements of truth".

    The designers of 'truth-a-tron' have no idea why it identified its last words as being false. Assuming that 'truth-a-tron' didn't malfunction, do you?

    (I'm sorry in advance for the difficulty that will almost definitely be had for anyone attempting to explain this).
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    Oct 2009
    He doesn't always make statements of truth, he sometimes does and sometimes destroys things that make an incorrect statement.
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    Oct 2009
    I think I have the answer!

    That statement can be true or false (if it always lied it could still say that statement and it would be a lie) so it's lying and telling the truth at the same time and since it's lying it destroys itself!
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