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Thread: complex square puzzle

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    Sep 2006

    complex square puzzle


    Rearrange the 3x3 block of squares below to create another 3x3 block in which each pair of adjacent sides in neighboring squares has a sum of 9. You are allowed to rotate the squares and may change a square's position in the 3x3 block. However, pieces cannot be flipped over.

    hint for you: The letters in the middle of each square have only been inserted to assist that in determining whether or not a proposed solution is correct.

    don't know the imageshack working or not.

    try this
    ImageShack - Hosting :: puzzlegifnl7.gif
    ImageShack - Hosting :: puzzlegifnl7.gif
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    Are you sure that the image is correct? No one has post an answer yet... and I keep on running into endless loops trying to solve this.
    Should there be 2 identical squares H=D? Changning one element in one of those and I have a solution ....
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