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    Jun 2008

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    Hey could you help me solve problems on time ...

    A wall clock gains 2 minutes in 12 hours, while a table clock loses 2 minutes in 36 hours; both are set right at noon on tuesday. The correct time when they both show the same time next would be ..?
    I dont get the hang of such questions... help please !!!

    ans: 12 noon
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    Jun 2008

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    Hi! MathLearner. Hope ur having a great time.
    ur question can easily be solved by using a small matrix
    A B
    00:00 00:00
    00:06 11:58 after 36 hrs
    01:00 11:40
    02:00 11:00
    one clock is goin forward and other backward even if there min hand come on same position,there hr hand won't. So using matrix for hrs we get
    A B
    4:00 10:00
    6:00 8:00
    " "
    00:00 00:00
    if over all time elapsed is calculated it will be a multiple of 24. Therefore if they were initially set at 12 noon they will again show same time at 12 noon after 180 days
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