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Thread: Probabilities Logical Problem

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    Feb 2013

    Probabilities Logical Problem

    Hi, i would like to leave you here a logical problem related with probabilities, if you can help me i would appreciate a lot!.

    The problem:

    You have a box with 6 glasses (A,B,C,D,E,F), and you are asked to try to pick, lets say the glass B, and you have 3 chances of picking the right glass(you can pick a glass 3 times), without returning the glasses to the Box (that are the rules, and are stated before anything).

    My question is: Does make any diference, i mean probabilistically, if i just pick 3 glasses from the box or if i pick the glasses 1 by 1, i mean picking one, and if i loose, i pick another, then another???

    Thats my question, from my point of view i would say its make no difference, since its stated from the beginning that you are able to pick a glass 3 times.

    Would be different if i am able to pick only 1 glass, fail to pick the right glass, and THEN it is offered to me another chance to pick a glass, right??

    Thx in advance!! hope you can read this and answer me

    PD: Sry for my poor english, its not my lative languaje
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    Jan 2009

    Re: Probabilities Logical Problem

    Whether you pick all of them at the same time or one by one it makes no difference in terms of probability
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