I came across a game that bet fake coins on a percentile die generated through a program. A computer program can not technically be random; therefore, with enough data an equation should be plausible. The die rolls a number 1-100 each time, and any number 56 and under loses. Any number 57 or greater wins.

Some data of rolls:
SET 1- (52,35,58*,32,97*,52,69*,28,31,12,87*,50,6,9,2,50, 91*,64*,70*,37,45,18,50,76*,29,76*,34,55,20)
SET 2- (9,74*,80*,62*,13,26,34,63*,100*,78*,39,21,11)
SET 3- (40,73*,43,31,32,98*,5,43,12,70*,91*,78*,65*,19,14 ,22,88*,97*,13)

SET= Periods of time inbetween sets
* = Winners
I can get as much more data as needed.