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Thread: How many lines

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    How many lines

    last night i could'nt sleep so to changes my ideas i go on to deal whith some mathèmatical problem which lead me to the "pythagorian equation" ( integers n,m,p for wich n^2+m^2=p^2) as i could'nt solve it i went to see on wikipédia and i fall on the géometrical demonsrations of the famous pythagorus theorem(the gèomètrical one) and i was very surprise to saw so many lines on the various dèmonstrations that where proposed so i remembered one of my teacher making a very simple demonstration so i can suppose pythagorus did do the same

    so here the riddle (i post this on game on puzzle section because i dont need the solution, i know it!) : how many line did pythagorus drew on the sand to demonstrate his (futur) very famous theorem to Clèopatra in order to avoid being eaten by her lions?

    subsidary question : How many times shall a mountain must stand, before it is washed to the sea?
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    None, Pythagoras was dead long before Cleopatra was born.

    Pyhthagoras died around 580 BC and Cleopatra was born in 69 BC.
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    this historical objection is irrelevant
    we are nor speaking of the same clèopatra!
    and we are in a section were can be told very incredible stories!

    i' ve been peeping at the resolution of this geometrical problem in wikipèdia
    there's only (by the day i took a look) one solution left but it seems to me it's deriberatly complicate (might it be true ?)

    i think that wath's is the most interesting in math is that you can find à multitudes of ways to solve the same problem

    so the simplest solution that i would like a few of you spend five to twenty minuts on it takes only M lines! thats not much and you'll agreed with me to say it's probaly the minimum!

    we have the relation 2* square-root-off(M)=M

    no much figure to draw it seems!

    please don't post the solution to qweekly (but you can confirm i'm not telling you craps!)
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