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Thread: how to avoid unwanted page-shift?

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    May 2008

    how to avoid unwanted page-shift?

    Hello everybody! While making a report for school I've encounterd a problem I wasn't able to find a suitable solution for. The basic tex code looks like this:
    % \phantom{}
    When I compile the code the first page's text appears inside the header. After a closer look i discovered, that the whole page (including page number in the footer!) gets shifted upwards for no reason. Using a dummy (\phantom) moves the text out of the header, but still the footer isn't in its place. As I need the three lines in the header removing them isn't an option. This whole problem of mine only seems to affect the first page, as further pages are rendered correctly. Does anyone in here have a clue how to make my pages look right?
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    May 2008
    Seems, that i missed to check my log file...
    did the thing =)
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