Hi I know its a pain, but I've got 64-bit Windows Vista and I have to keep it.

The problem is that I want to use a comercial opentype font (Adobe Garamond Pro) in LaTeX. I understand that one may convert the font into Type 1, but this would not the same font had I bought the Type 1 version, that is, there is some loss of integrity in the conversion process.

Another option is XeLaTeX using the \fontspec package. But the only place I can find a windows port for XeTeX is bundled with MikTex 2.7, however as far as I know, there is no MikTeX 2.7 version available for 64-bit-- I have to use the MikTeX 2.5 bundled with proTeX and that doesn't have XeTeX on it.

Any thoughts, corrections or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!