I need some help with two questions:

1) aligning equations. I know the basic of the align and eqnarray environments, but I need to fine tune a bit.

2) spacing between inparaenum items

I am writing the solution set for some math problems, and each problem is numbered, and then has subsections with letters, so I am using nested enumerates. Like this:

8. (a) ....

Generally I have the solution start immediately after the letter. In some situations I have several lines of equations that i would like to align around the equal sign. I tried using both the align and eqnarray environments, but they both had the same problem ... they centered the equations on the page and skipped the first line.

I would like the first like to appear right after the letter:

8. (a) cos x = ....

and have the equations under it align with that equal sign (the first equation can be moved to the right a little if necessary for alignment purposes, but not centered).

How do I do this?

The second question is that when I have a bunch of short answers for a problem, I would like them to be listed in line instead vertically.

I found inparaenum that does this, but it puts too little space between the elements in the list. I had to add the space manually. Is there a way to set the default spacing used?

For example, by default I get something like this:

2. (a) cos 45 (b) sin 30 (c) tan 90

and I want something more like this:

2. (a) cos 45 (b) sin 30 (c) tan 90

Thanks for any help I can get.