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Thread: Amazing: Word to MHF

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    Aug 2010

    Amazing: Word to MHF

    Wanted to post something in Peer Review, basically a mini-paper. No math symbols but lots of subscripts.

    First wrote it out in MS Word to make sure it looked right. I dreaded doing it again in MHF, especially since at first I didn't notice there was an option for subscripts on the reply tool bar.

    So I took a chance and copied from Word and pasted into MHF. IT WORKED.

    That's great, because you can collect your thoughts without pressure of having to edit in MHF.

    I wonder if Word Equation Editor copies to MHF. I can't learn LaTex- lousy memory. Maybe I'll try it.

    EDIT: The Try: Nothing. Too bad, would have been nice.

    EDIT: Try again after selecting in Eq editor in Word. Got question, "do you want this picture available to other programs?" yes. The Try: Nothing, didn't work. Tried adding text to document and got this:

    "Letís try adding some text to this.

    And some more text eabc"

    EDIT: Try again after saving as HTML document and then copying from HTML and then pasting in MHF: Nothing

    I suppose you could print the paper, copy and save as jpg file, and insert picture. Or insert as link.


    can you link to a word document?
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    Apr 2008
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    Re: Amazing: Word to MHF

    The Equation Editor (EE) in Microsoft Office isn't compatible with MHF. I should say neither EE in Office is compatible. Not many people realize there are two. There's the "new" one (officially the "OMML" editor -- OMML = Office Math Markup Language) of course, but Microsoft Equation 3 is also there. This is the one you've seen in Office since Office v2.

    Like I said though, neither of these is compatible with MHF. However, the upgrade to Microsoft Equation 3 -- MathType -- is compatible. You create the equation visually, like you would if you were adding it to a Word document, then after choosing the Math Help Forum "translator" (from the Cut & Copy Preferences dialog), you can paste it directly here. MathType includes all the correct codes -- not only LaTeX, but the opening & closing codes to distinguish the equation as being "math".

    More information about this capability at the Design Science website.
    Thanks from emakarov and Hartlw
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