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Thread: Overwriting equation labels

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    Jan 2011

    Overwriting equation labels

    Suppose an equation would be labelled automatically by latex as (3.1) (or or something similar), but, for whatever reason, you'd like to label it by a different name. For example you might want to label it (*). How is this possible? And if this isn't possible, then can you manually do something to make it appear like a label? What I mean is, can you write your equation and then right align something like " (*) " ? I can't seem to do this without messing up the spacing of the equation itself. Thanks for any help!
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    Oct 2009
    You can say \notag or \nonumber to remove the label. To provide your own label, use \tag{text} or \tag*{text}. The starred form does not add parentheses around text.
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