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Thread: [SOLVED] SOS: Chicago 15th edition Author- date style

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    Nov 2009

    [SOLVED] SOS: Chicago 15th edition Author- date style

    I need to format my reference list using the chicago 15th edition author-date style. I have searched high and low but I just can find this .bst file on the internet.

    As a last resort, I attempted to create a style file using custom bst. I'm new to latex/bibtex and finding it a bit rough using the manual Taming the Beast. After much effort I have managed to produce style file but it requires some tweaking. For example, a period (.) is not printed at end of the author block for multiple authors; when an url address is printed it is preceded by 'URL' in the output and in the absence of an issue # a blank space is still generated between the vol# and colon.(see attached pdf)

    And these are the discrepancies I have noticed. Is there anyone on this forum who can help me (or direct me to someone who can) tweak this file so that it is in accordance to the chicago 15th author-date standard. I could not upload the .bst as it is an invalid file type however I can email it if requested.
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