They've never really known what life is like at and normal-weights having their whole ok that's absolutely right then there’s the second category a patient's most of the time it's a woman who has-been very fit very healthy through the majority of her life then after college she gets married has a couple with children and she continues to gain weight to her forties it's typically after baby XM Recovery weight and it just becomes unmanageable for her later on in life interesting now you’re back are you know we talked on the phone before you know before we met and the you know I look at online your video and I thought you know what is a thin woman know about weight loss is another thing doctor telling overweight people how to lose weight I and I was like every year by about that time so tells your background small-town family love obese patients a corner website traveler and that's right patient ask me all the time what is the skinny check like you to know about being obese and that's a good question the reason I got into this business is because my mother and I are the only ones in my family who don't suffer from morbid obesity okay as I was growing up my grandparents were always obese.