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Thread: What Types of Posts Belong in this Subforum

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    What Types of Posts Belong in this Subforum

    Here's a description of what types of posts belong in this subforum, as stated by Drexel28:

    Quote Originally Posted by Drexel28
    I think the subforum should have posts which feel more like a collaboration of colleagues then a student asking question. Indeed, something like "I can't get this formula to come out right" does NOT belong in this forum. However, something more like "Hey guys, have you ever noticed that by imposing an inner product on the group algebra of a group we've implicitly defined a topology. What do the continuous functions look like? Has there been any work in this area?" or "Hey guys, I'm studying the cohomology of finite groups and am wondering if the cohomology of groups and the cohomology of topological spaces have much to do together" or lastly something like "Hey guys, I was looking at induced representations and noticed that the induced character has a formula which looks like ______ which is unlike any I can find. Is this something obvious or new?" to which someone could reply "Yes, that is an interesting formula, how did you get it?" (which would continue as a conversation about a very serious mathematical topic) or someone could reply "Yes, that is the common formula _____ which is found in ______ on page _____".
    Although the topic of discussion doesn't need to be that advanced, the idea is to discuss and ask things similar in nature to this. No homework questions should be asked here (including extra credit and challenge problems). Also, posting of philosophical musings is not allowed! You will be infracted if you make these kinds of posts!.

    If for some reason this idea fails like philosophy, then this subforum will be taken down; hence why it is in "beta" mode.

    (Bruno J. and Drexel28: feel free to edit this if I missed anything.)
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