Q1- A tennis ball bounces 2/3 of the height from which it is dropped and then to 2/3 of the height to which it rises after each subsequent bounce. If it is dropped from the height of 6m, how high will it rise after it has struck the ground for the second time?

Q2- When the smaller of the two fractions is divided by the larger, the result is 7/9. If the smaller fraction is 2/2/3, find the larger.

Q3- If it takes 3/1/3 minutes to fill 3/8 of a water storage tank, how long will it take to fill it completely?

Q4-When the larger of two fractions is divided by the smaller, the result is 1/7/18. If the smaller fraction is 2/2/5, find the larger.

Q5- In the tenth year of a school 3/5 of the pupils study geography and 1/3 of those who do not study geography study history. If 32 members of Year 10 study neither history nor geography, how many pupils are there in Year 10?

Q6- When John Short increases the speed at which he motors from an average of 40 mph to 50 mph, the number of miles travelled per gallon decreases by 25%. If he travels 36 miles on each gallon when his average speed is 40 mph, how many miles per gallon can he expect at an average speed of 50 mph?