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    Exclamation help!!!

    Find the volume. Use 3.14 as pi

    4.5ft h 2ft w

    water storage tank is shaped like a circular cylinder with half of a sphere at each end. what is the volume of the tank if the cylindrical section is 100cm long with a 40cm diamerter. use 3.14 (pi) Round the answer to two decimal places

    15 foot ladder leans against the barn, the bolltom of the ladder is 7ft from the building. how high is the top of the ladder. round to 2 decimal places.

    please show me how to get these answers with the steps.

    I can not get the hang of Geometry, I have never had the honor to have it in school

    thanks in advance
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    Since we have TWO halves at either end,adding them will give us 1 complete sphere.

    So now we have to find the volume of a sphere+volume of a cylinder.

    Volume of a sphere is given by (4/3)x(pi)x(r^3)
    Volume of a cylinder is given by (pi)x(r^2)x(h).
    (Since diameter is given as 40cms and we know Diameter=2xRadius =>Radius r=20cms)

    The ladder problem can be solved by using Pythagoras' Theorem which states that if a and b be the sides of a right angled triangle, the the third side(hypotenuse) is given by the root of sum of squares of the other sides i.e. if C is the hypotenuse then c^2 = a^2 + b^2

    You have to solve for (15)^2 = 7^2 + b^2
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