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Thread: Dont Understand geomerty

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    Question Dont Understand geomerty

    I will be honest with you , because I traveled all over and have been in many different schools as my father was a carpenter I was in schools that offered it and I had missed that part of math, or they didnt offer it or they were going to start on it and I moved to a different school.

    Is there any thing that I need to help me figure this out like a protractor.

    are there properties and formulas that I might have to know and if so, would you inform me of them or a website that would help me though the subject that I know nothing about.

    I can use all the help that I can get.


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    you can always ask questions here, we will all help you.

    Geometry consists of many theroms and postulates that you will have to remember to be able to solve problems.
    for me when i started geometry it was very difficult at first, but after you actually study hard, it wont be so difficult anymore.

    to answer your question about a protractor, i never used one but you will need to draw things like triangle, squares, rectangle, trapeziods ect.. and if you have questions about proofs or anything in geometry, just ask.
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