Q.1) if from any point on the circle 1)A___ tangents are drawn to the cirlce 1)b__,
show taht the angle between the tangents is 2Z.
( refer to the file 1 in the attachments.)

Q.2) the extermities of a diagonla of a rectangle are (-4,4)and (6,-1). a circle circumscribes the rectangle and cuts an intercept AB on y-axis . find the area of the triangle formed by the AB and the tangents to the circle at A and B.

q.3) tangents pq and pr are drawn to the circle _(file 2 eqn.1)_ from the point p(x1,y1). prove that equation of the circum circle of triangle pqr is _(file 2 eqn2)_
(refer to the file 2 in the attachments.)